Our Vision

Strategic medium – long term

Stage 1
  • Consolidate brand value
  • Increase competitiveness
  • Entered into the Asian market
Stage 2
  • Market consolidation and development
  • Strive to become Asia’s major partner
  • Establishment of bedding stores

Our Mission

With the long-term business orientation, the prestige of product quality as a long-term business foundation. All our products are guaranteed in terms of quality, design and style in accordance with the original drawing.

Our History


Purchase computer quilting

In early 2017, our company invested and imported high quality computerized embroidery machines from Korea. This is a great step to develop a reputation brand and high quality.


Quilting processing

We started importing machinery and manufacturing of conventional blinds.


Production of cotton blankets

We started producing high quality Korean cotton blankets. Meet real demand in the North.


Established company

Chau Linh Hung Yen Company was established based on many years of experience in the profession of BLD. In the context of many partnerships with potential customers.

Our Clients


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